Success Stories

I was a relatively lean and healthy man in pretty good shape. I have been studying and keeping up with fitness and nutrition for over 10 years now, so I am pretty knowledgeable about nutrition. However, I wanted to take my health to a new level as I transitioned from being a young man in my twenties into my thirties because I felt that my diet over the next several years would have a big impact on my health and performance for the rest of my life.

So after researching several nutritionists, I decided to get nutrition advice from Dori. During my consultations with Dori, I found her to be well-prepared and extremely knowledgeable about nutrition. She was able to provide very helpful answers to the difficult questions I asked her and gave very good recommendations on what I should eat and how much (also what I shouldn’t eat). After only 2 months of following Dori’s recommendations, my body feels as good as ever and I lost over 10lbs!

— Daniel Beck

Dori Zerlin is my registered dietitian/nutritionist and she is excellent. Why do I or anyone need such expert advice? Well, four out of seven causes of death – heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes – are caused in large part by poor eating and exercise habits. Changes in diet and exercise can slow the progression of disease and even obviate the need for medication. In my case I have osteopenia and diet and exercise, both of which Dori knows all about for my condition as well as many others, are critical. Dori’s skill, among others, is she keeps current on the latest research. While I see a doctor and read health magazines, Dori provides me with something nether of those sources can – the most up-to-date scientifically accurate advice. She also provides me with a personalized approach to my overall eating, exercise and general health goals that is well beyond any general plan I might find on-line or in a book. She’s even gone with me to shop for the food items she is recommending. I am lucky to have Dori as my health coach and I think you would be too. Votre Sante — Christine Vento

I’ve had some sessions with Dori and I’m very glad for it. She’s opened my eyes to the health benefits of whole groups of foods that I was omitting from my diet. I’ve now incorporated them into my daily food intakes and I’m much happier for it. I like the way she went through the details of my entire daily routines and was able to point out different ways of improving the things that I do. I consider myself a very healthy eater so it was nice to find ways to improve it even more.

— Mendy Losh

Dori uses the most updated scientific research to tailor optimized nutrition plans to her client’s individual needs. She helped me to modify my diet in order to maximize energy, feel great, and stay in shape. The modifications she gave me were practical and easy to implement. I am grateful to Dori for all of the guidance that she has given me—these tools will last a lifetime! — Azriela Jankovic

I have had a weight problem my whole life and have subsequently been to many nutritionists and Dori is the most knowledgeable nutritionist I have ever met. She understands the need for calorie limitations but also emphasizes good nutrition. — Jennifer P

Dori is the best Dietitian I have worked with, and actually helped me make changes to my habits. With a personalized program, I felt that it was accomplishable and I got the personal attention I needed.

— Robert P